Here’s an excerpt from the story I’m writing now:

        Please excuse my absence, I have been gone too long. I’ve decided to share with you, as a reward for your patience, just what I’ve been working on this whole time. Here, for you, is an excerpt from my new piece. Please, Let me know what you think… 

    “See? Oh, don’t be disappointed, Sweet. That’s how they want you to feel about it. They’re hoping to disappoint you so you’ll drop all of it. So you’ll give it all up and think of something else- something better and worthwhile. Something they’ll understand so it settles real easy in their stomachs. But we’re not them, Sweet. We’re different and only you and I can see it. Come here, look at me, Sweet.” he turned her chin towards his.

            “What if they’re right, though, William?”

            “If you think they’re right, then go back. Go and be correct and do as they tell you. Do everything they tell you. Make them happy when you tell them you’ve given up. And put all those lanterns in the cellar behind the door to gather dust next to your scrapbook of memories and never go back up there again unless you wish to know what could have been. And those- those are the worst of the possibilities. Because you can’t go back- you’re stuck with only the thought of it and it will haunt you to your grave. And you know what? When they lay you down, no one will know or even remember that you ever had those dreams because they’ll be trapped in your skull- where they’ve sat your whole life anyway- trapped in a cage.” He took a deep breath out of frustration. He looked away from her and when he looked back, he saw that she was crying silently looking out to the island with its white lights lit up like Christmas. “Oh, Sweet, I’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She let him brush the tears away from her face. “You know that, don’t you? Please tell me you know.”

But her lips were sealed tight and she couldn’t open them, even if she wanted to. She really had nothing to say anyway, so instead she nodded her head but kept her eyes to the sea. She knew he was right, it’s just that she’s never thought about death like that before. About her death. She felt weak now, and nearly helpless. She worked up her courage to look back at him again, and she did but all she could think of were their skulls in the ground with trapped dreams clawing to get out. She could feel the claws in the front of her head and it made her stomach drop continuously as if her insides were an empty hole all the way to the center of the earth.

“Don’t you think about time, Darling. Don’t you do it. Time is gone now. He’s floating in the sea and we’re here on this island. Darling, we’ll be fine…”


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