I wanted to say a personal hello to all who have followed me throughout last year and to those who have begun to follow me with this new year! I am truly flattered that you take interest in my work enough to follow me through my own creative journey, so thank you a whole bunch!
Last year I posted poems, photos, collages, and more. This year, my goal is to do the same, but also share pieces of myself with you in the process of doing so. Shall we start with all the basic things?
I am an aspiring writer from Upstate New York; I write short fiction, poetry, and I’ve recently started a memoir of the five months I spent in France (stay tuned for excerpts as I write that one!).
I am also in the process of starting up my own art journal called, Oh, Contraire. We have been meeting up with artists around our area and having conversations with them about their process and the way they think. If you want to see more, you should visit our site: http://www.ohcontraire.com
Because we are self-publishing, it’s taking quite some time, but we expect to be wrapping things up real, real soon! I’ll keep you posted with the process.
I try to challenge myself everyday and really grab life by the reins and decide my own path. Sometimes it’s really hard, the process is slow and requires a lot of patience. Most days I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that nothing good comes easy. But I really stay true to the idea that if you really want something, anything, you can have it. But nothing is given to you; you must get after everything you want and never think for a second that you can’t do it. Never doubt yourself.
Everyday is an adventure; I’m absolutely fascinated by life and all it has to offer. There is so much out there! I hope that I can inspire you to feel the same about your own life, wherever you are. I hope my artwork, words, and poems inspire you to be the best you can be while I try to do the same where I am.
I will be posting everyday from here on out, don’t be shy- you can tell me anything. Tell me if you love it, hate it, want to know more, anything! Once again, thank you for following, I look forward to sharing more of my work with you!



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