Excerpt #1

Here’s an excerpt from the memoir I am currently writing. Keep in touch for more of the story to come in bits and doses…

“There are some occurrences in this life that line up too well to ignore. This death and the reunion fell all too close together and brought back more memories to me than I could have remembered in my quotidian life. All the emotions I kept of this long séjour en France were shaken up and spilled back out of my pupils to see again. Emotions as strong as these cannot, and should not be ignored or they’ll keep burning in you until the flame gets too high and you can no longer sleep, you can no longer even carry on normal conversations because this burning is just consuming you whole. It’s like something is telling you that this is what you need to do, and you need to do it now. You can ask all the questions you want, but the questions won’t make this feeling go away and you still won’t get any sleep at night.
You just have to write.
Write it all.
And at the end of it all you’ll know why.
And then you will finally be able to sleep.”


2 thoughts on “Excerpt #1

  1. There’s something about the process of writing a memoir that the answers to all the questions that you have are revealed. Its a turbulent but satisfying experience.

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