Excerpt #3: A memory of Istanbul

“We walked by people sitting looking at the water, people walking by, vendors, fishermen. It seemed like the whole city was running around and looking for something and sitting down to think all at the same time. Far off, but close enough to hear, a man had his boat tied up to the stonewall and he was yelling fish sandwiches! like crazy. He had a grill inside that boat and a few men moving the fish he was grilling to soft bread, and then wrapping them up in foil, handing them to people lining up outside their boat. He kept shouting it, over and over again, fish sandwich! fish sandwich! fresh fish sandwich!

Now, neither of us were really all that hungry, but it seemed like the closer and closer we walked to this boat, the more and more we wanted one of those fish sandwiches for ourselves. The people were lining up like crazy, there were more and more of them who were just casually walking by and then stopped to get their own. It must have been something with the way that guy was calling them out, it was so lively and exciting; it was almost like you could hear it in that yell that those fish sandwiches were great, and they were really great.
I turned to Christina but kept my eyes on the boat, “You want a fish sandwich?”
“Hell yeah, I do.” We both laughed as we bee-lined it to the side of that boat…”



  1. very cute. Sometimes people’s energy can attract you to something. If you have time stop by ShanayaNour.com here on wordpress. I will follow you and see what experiences you share next.

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