After It all Happens

This is how you
start again:
Clean you room.
Rearrange, take down
all the art from your walls.
Throw out all the old junk
you thought you needed.
You don’t need it.
Don’t listen to sad songs.
Okay, listen to a few.
But mostly, listen to the kind of music that
makes you feel like you don’t give a damn.
Loosen up.
Write the poems as they come to you.
Don’t watch T.V.
T.V. has ads-
don’t listen to the ads.
Vacuum all the shit up that’s been slowly
gathering on your floor for months.
Make lists.
Ignore them.
Get high, drink a little wine,
but not too much.
Mostly use pen and paper for your medicine.
Don’t use pencil,
it’s not permanent enough.
You should love all your thoughts and
not have the ability to erase them-
keep them always and then look at them
later to see how you grew.
Buy a plant,
don’t let it die.
Buy yourself a 2 dollar carnation and keep it
by your bedside.
This will die,
so buy another.
Take time to watch the snow fall
and drink lots of coffee.
DO NOT starve yourself.
Drink plenty of water
and make sure, once you’ve cleaned out,
you go out with friends
whether you hate them or not.
Tell them small secrets


to theirs.
Remember that whenever someone speaks
to you, they’re talking about something
they care about.
Appreciate it.
Make plans to run away.
Daydream about it.
Smile when you daydream.
Always write down your night dreams.
Write down your real dreams and keep them
in whatever pocket you’re wearing at all times.
Look at them often.
Sing. Sing whenever you get the chance.
Dance when you feel like it,
especially in the shower.
Walk around your room naked
and look in the mirror.
Start loving that body,
it’s holding your soul,
protecting it, even.
And you know what?
Dance naked.
No one will see you,
and if they do, at least you might
get them to laugh.
Laugh often and get as much sun as you can.
Don’t wait until summer to get sun
and fresh air,
don’t waste your time waiting.
Dress yourself in nice clothes
and kiss the mirror.
Feel the air pushing your lungs out,
the air will only taste sweet
if you let it taste sweet.
Your life will only pass you by
if you let it pass you by.
Lock the door behind you
when you leave it all behind.

This is how you start again.


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