Excerpt #4: Telling the angel about an angel

“…She was quiet now. There was an announcement that came on that said we were close to landing. I wanted to milk every minute I had with her. In truth, I wanted to talk about God more; something about it was so calming. I told her of this one story of my dad’s. He brings it up occasionally, and each time I love hearing it because it’s so wondrous and mysterious to me. But this is how it happened, and I told her, “My father, a few years ago, was on a business trip. He was staying at a hotel all by himself for a few days but he had left his Bible at home by mistake. He wasn’t in a very good place at the time, he was worried about a lot of things, and he wasn’t as happy as he wanted to be. You know how each hotel has The Holy Bible in the drawer right next to the bed? Well, my Dad was in need, so he opened up the drawer and started reading the hotel Bible. The problem was, it was the really traditional version, you know where the language is difficult to understand and all. So he decided to go across the street to a bookstore and buy a new one. He crossed a busy street and went inside to the religion section. There were a lot of different variations of the Bible there, so he started picking some up and looking through them. Then, a man interrupted his search and said, ‘do you need help finding anything, sir?’ My Dad looked at him, said he was the ugliest man he has ever seen. He was short and had a hunchback, had small eyes in big sockets and thin enough hair that you could see his scalp beneath it. He looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame, my Dad told me. Anyway, my dad told him he was looking for a Bible, that’s all he said. The hunchback glanced across the shelf and then picked up one particular Bible and handed it to my dad, ‘That’s the one you want,’ he told him. My dad started looking through the pages, checking it out and everything. He realized that it was, actually, exactly what he was looking for. He shut the Bible and kept it in his hands, he was thinking, ‘I’ve got to thank this guy.’ But when he looked up, the man was gone. My father searched all around the store for him, all the aisles, the counters- the man was nowhere to be found. He had disappeared. My father was convinced he was an angel.”
She smiled and nodded her head, “it’s possible,” she told me.
The pilot came on the loud speaker and told all of us that we were landing…”


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