Excerpt #5: Arriving in Scotland

“You want coffee?” I asked her.
“Um, nah. Well, maybe. I wanna check in with my friends first. There’s a few people I want to skype.”
“Alright.” It looked cozy enough for me to stay there a little while. I imagined myself taking up one of those peaceful little tables by the window and getting some sunlight on my hands while I wrote some thoughts down. A cup of coffee steaming next to my journal. The Scottish people walking around in the cold below with the small traffic slowly pushing along. Yes. I wanted that. Sometimes even just the thought of writing is so appealing to me that I don’t even need to follow out the act for it to bring me great joy.
She found a little closed off area on the other side of the bar, reserved just for skyping. It actually looked quite nice, windows all around and bean-bag chairs with small tables to go with them. She went in there while I got my coffee and fulfilled my quick thought daydream by the window with my journal. I got to watch the sun rise over Edinburough each time I looked up from my writing, it felt as nice as if thought it would on my hands. I watched the people below and I saw a thousand strangers that I will probably never see again in my lifetime. All of their agendas and thoughts pushed them right by my existence and curious daydreams of meeting them.
I looked back down to my journal and kept writing.


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