Excerpt 7: The Harry Potter Fan Club is Actually A Restroom

This excerpt takes place inside “The Elephant Cafe,” in Scotland, where J.K. Rowling found inspiration for her famously known series, “Harry Potter.”

“…While we waited, I used the ladies room, which ordinarily would be a pretty insignificant thing to write about, non? But the thing is, this bathroom was a kind of a strange tribute to Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling. People always have something to write on public bathroom walls, don’t they? And usually it’s a few harsh words here and there that parents hope their small children don’t notice or understand. But this bathroom was extensively tattooed with the pens of fans of Harry Potter from not only Edinburgh, but all over the world. You could really spend all day in there reading all of the little notes and thank you’s to Rowling and her work. Of course, it would be kinda weird spending that much time in a public restroom… but hey it might be a good place to take a number two! Kidding. (But not really…). I really wonder what it’s like for Rowling herself to see all of these writings- praising her and thanking her- in the toilet room. Like, even in a private little place like a public bathroom, she’s still reminded of how much she rocks. Honestly, she deserves it. And honestly, if I were her, I would always save my number two’s for that place.
When I stepped back into the seating area, my friends were seated by the window at a small table. I always like sitting by the window, so this pleased me. And this place had a nice view, too. Eerie as hell- but nice. You could see all of the Greyfriars Graveyard through this big window, and then far off in the distance, a big old looking mansion of some sort. So this is what Rowling gazed at when she wrote. Instantly I craved writing because this spot was really that good. But I would never write here, not even if I lived in Edinburgh, because this spot was already taken; it’s the sanctuary of another writer. Any creativity that hovered in and about this place only dances around the minds of anyone who searches for them, teasing other writers until they gave up the spot. It’s only when Rowling walks in the door that creativity will relent and then flow to her brain down to her pen down to the paper. All others are just imitations and must find a niche of their own or they will be towed under the prosecution of creative law…”


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