Excerpt 8: A Trip to Wicklow, Ireland

“…Every one of the houses was a picturesque cottage with little gardens in the front behind a little fence. They were made of stone or wood, or a combination of the two, with flower boxes hanging just below the windows. The window had real shutters, too, not the fake kind that I’m used to on development houses, which are just there for decoration. No, these ones were actually used on a daily basis. Just imagine waking up in the morning and as you brew yourself coffee, you walk to the window and open the shutters and the daisies are right there beneath your nose with the sun rising just above the country side over lengths and lengths of green green, hilly grass (okay I’ve convinced myself- I’m definitely moving there someday…). I could see myself living in mostly any of them, and if you ever dreamed of living in a small cottage, this is where the best ones exist.
There was no one out on the road, which made it feel like more of our own adventure, more of just Ireland and us- just us and Wicklow. It seemed like the whole town was sleeping in today. Even the sky was a still waking up and groggy, it was a pale grey and looked promising for a nice day later. The air was damp from the ocean and the dew hung heavy on the blade of grass. Taking in a deep breath, you could really feel your lungs being cleansed because the air was just that fresh. It made you feel good just to breathe, and that’s something a lot of people don’t have in their daily lives. Then you visit someplace like here and you realize what you’ve been lacking and also, how much you really need it in your life…”


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