Number 9 of 10

“You drove somewhere everyday, just to say you had a destination. Mostly you visited old hotels that stopped trying for the times, the ones that looked abandoned from the outside. Most of them were empty as if they were constantly in the off-season, and most times you were the only one who occupied a room. You liked not having the pressure of expectations from the people who knew you in your town, and for you, there was something oddly relatable about these forgotten places. You drank too much coffee when you were growing up and this accelerated your thinking maturity but curbed your growth spurts and turned your tongue brown. It gave you a literal distaste for everything and affected your sense of smell- even the air of our town tasted bad to you. Nothing tasted good to you except coffee and chocolate and this made having a conversation with you exasperating because of the pace your words fell out of your mouth (not to mention your reeking breath). Most times we didn’t think you even knew what you were saying, and you would often interrupt yourself with new thoughts without knowing you did so- this confused us to no end. When you drove out of town, speeding tickets would fly out of your back seat and float like paper planes until they crashed. But you never crashed; the roads you took were always the wide-open ones with nothing around but fields for miles. Your car once ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and you gave yourself a giant headache not being able to think clearly. Your body not moving as quickly as your thoughts in a car flying 100 mph was almost as detrimental to your health as breathing the air of our town for an extended period of time. There was no one around to help you with your situation in the middle of nowhere, so you abandoned your vehicle and just started running. You didn’t know where you were going, in fact, you never knew where you were going (you had a poor sense of direction), but you always found some place, somewhere, that at least would give you the hospitality of a burnt cup of coffee. You ran keeping that thought in mind- that you would eventually find what you were looking for. You got tired, but you kept running. You got hungry, but you kept running. Your legs ached, and your back hurt, and your feet throbbed, and your throat tasted like blood from breathing so hard, but you kept running. We never did find out what happened to you, you never returned. We never really expected much from you anyway, being such a troubled mind to the extent that you were. Apparently, you never expected much from us either. We forgot about you and never ventured out to find your abandoned car, we never even saw the point of leaving town at all.”


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