Oh, Contraire Journal Release! 

Not too long ago I posted about the journal I created with my friend, at the time it wasn’t quite ready. After months of perfecting and editing and making crucial decisions, it’s finally up for sale! 

The journal focuses on in depth conversations with artists, not only about their work, but also about their process, where they work, how they think, and their thoughts about how to move past failure, and how to live life to your fullest. If you have ever wondered about what the artist thinks about while creating his or her work, this will definitely intrigue you, as the subject has always intrigued me. 

Five artists are featured in the first Volume: Elaina Frulla (writer), Bob Gullie (collage artist and photographer), Scott Foster (painter), Laura Glazer (designer, photographer, and radio show host), and Jim Gaudet (musician). We visited each in their personal studio or workspace and simply had conversation over coffee or tea. In each conversation, their words were inspiring and touching so much that we would leave their space buzzing with a better sense of worth and strong urges to create something right away! 

We couldn’t be happier to share these moving conversations with you because we know they will encourage and inspire you with your own endeavors. 

You can visit our website at www.ohcontraire.com if you would like to know more! 




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