We need more honey 

We need more honey

more pictures more words

more excitement 

less cars 

less working 

more jobs 

more heart

less feeling 

(admitting you have feelings?)

more time

more dedication

more poems

insane amount of poems

more sunlight

and candles 

and full moons

and people who stop to smell the flowers

(who doesn’t have time to smell flowers????)

less disorders

more crazy

more disorder 

no order at all! 

more living

less crying

fewer breakdowns 

(I can deal with the breakdowns)

more focus

more someone 

more something 

less somewhere

less somehow

more searching 




less goodbyes 

I’m not even asking for more hellos 

just please- less goodbyes. 

Tell me how

and why 

and when 

or tell me it’s nothing 

at all. 


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