“I’m just saying.

There’s alternatives for every situation,”

said the man replacing my windows to the pudgy woman also replacing my windows.

Clear day; blue skies, smell of spring.

Faint, chilled breeze through my windows.

Sunlight everywhere outside my room but nowhere inside.

Plants are growing.

Reading the stranger by Albert Camus.

Empty tea cup sits on the desk.

Claire de lune from the record player.


The record cracks and reveals the antiquity of the song.

The garbagemen outside.

The drive away and now the trash cans are empty.

Birds singing.

You can’t see them anywhere,

but there’s many.

Where were they yesterday?

Someone keeps bird songs on a record and plays it on his porch when he has a day off.

Today is his day off.

Tomorrow the birds will be gone

and thunderstorms will present themselves to the crowds.

It is February. It is 2017. Today the sun sets at 5:35 PM.

I wear ——-‘s t-shirt.

There is a hole in the fabric, right by my spine.

I am alone and I drink a glass of water.


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